Feb 2017 – PathogenDx is pleased to announce that it has submitted an article to the American Oil & Chemical Society on Simplified, highly-multiplex pathogen analysis for agricultural, food, water, environmental sampling. The article will be published in April 2017

Feb 2017 – PathogenDx is pleased to announce that it has signed commercial agreements with three leading testing labs across the United States to supply its PDx-C Ultra-Rapid Microbial Testing technology.  Shipment of equipment and kits will begin in March 2017

Jan 2017 – PathogenDx is pleased to announce that it has signed a National Sales and Distribution agreement with Emerald Scientific, the leading national analytical supplies company to the cannabis sector to supply it PDx-C Ultra-Rapid Microbial testing technology to cannabis testing labs

December 2016 – Steep Hill Labs, the worlds largest cannabis testing lab, has decided to adopt PathogenDx’s ultra-rapid microbial testing technology for commercial testing for cannabis testing to the Berkeley, California requirements starting January 2017

December 2016 – Confidence Analytics, one of our validation labs, published the validation report for the state of Washington regulators.  PDx-C is going live in Washington in January 2017

November 2016 – Milan Patel, CEO, presents at Arcview and MJIC in Las Vegas detailing the benefits of the PDx Technology and received multiple new investors interested in joining the team.

October 2016  – PDx submits validation for Alaska with Steephill Labs and receives approval to test for E-Coli, Salmonella, and Aspergillus at the below 1 CFU standard.

September 2016  – Dr. Hogan, CSO,  presents PDx technology at AOAC National Conference on 19 September 2016 demonstrating our results from our validation test for Alaska.

September 2016, – PDx announces Dr. Carl Yamashiro joins PDx as the VP of Product Development.  Dr. Yamashiro has years of food testing, product testing and new product development experience to help lead the R&D team.

Nov/Dec 2015 – The company is in deep beta validation with certified and licensed testing labs in the States of Colorado and Washington, expecting to complete validation by end of 2015, to commercially launch the PDx-C technology to testing labs.

September 2015 – The company raised initial capital sufficient to complete development of its PDx-C test for the market. It continues to seek growth capital to officially commercialize the technology to labs within the testing sector.

September 2015 – The company officially plans to launch its Early Adopter program date for PDx-C on 1 Oct, 2015

September 2015 – PathogenDx has completed development of an alpha version of its PDx-M testing technology for meat contamination/adulteration for the market. The beta version is expected to be completed by end of Q4 2015, for official roll-out to the market in early 2016

August 2015 – PathogenDx successfully set up its licensed and certified testing collaborators with its PDx-C testing technology to run field samples for rapid microbial testing

June 2015 – PathogenDx was one of twelve selected companies to present at the Arcview Investor conference in Denver, Colorado.

May 2015 – PathogenDx is in final stages of refining its PDx-C test for microbial testing in the cannabis market through beta validation with its collaborating lab partners. The test is expected to be available by late Q3/early Q4 2015 to labs.

March 2015 – PathogenDx has completed preliminary testing of food on its PDx-A testing technology, showing compelling results of technology feasibility within a fraction of the time of conventional testing methods.

November 2014 – PathogenDx is currently in collaboration with testing labs in Arizona, Colorado and State of Washington to bring to market its C-Chip Test for the Cannabis Industry.