Our Products

PathogenDx’ test, PDx-C for the cannabis testing market will consist of 12 identical 144 probe genomic microarray assays. The assays are isolated in an open environment through the use of a hydrophobic barrier in the standard 75 X 25mm microarray format. Each assay consists of organism specific probes along with control probes to identify and quantify targeted human and plant pathogens.

The PDx-C test is easily processed in a small bench-top laboratory using common everyday equipment. The assay is also scalable and automatable due to its open format and standard 9mm spacing between individual assays.

Data collection for the PDX-c  requires a standard microarray scanner and analysis is performed using automated PathogenDx analysis software.

PathogenDx will also be introducing PDx-A tests for food testing and PDx-M for testing of meats.