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DOWNLOAD WHITEPAPER – A New & Novel Approach: UTI Detection + Antibiotic Resistance in a Rapid Affordable Test

February 20, 2024

Treatment of Urinary Tract Infections is time-consuming, taking anywhere from 2-5 days if antibiotic resistance genes are also tested. When misdiagnosed and further treatment becomes necessary, costs become unmanageable. PathogenDx D3 Array™-UTI is a fast multiplexed platform for urinary pathogen detection run simultaneously with Antibiotic Resistance genes to support clinicians in delivering rapid UTI treatment and management. This test provides:

▪ More flexible, faster and lower cost test than qPCR or NGS technology

▪ Testing for all targets of interest

▪ Each sample analyzed in triplicate for Quality Assurance

▪ 3D cross-linked array architecture enabling rapid binding

▪ Based on our patented technology

Read the more thorough technical breakdown in the whitepaper from Clinical Advisor Dr. Sue Evans here.

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