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Customer Service Team
Mark Schwartz
Sr. Scientist Field Applications
Mark Schwartz is a Field Application Scientist at PathogenDx. Mark has a BS in Molecular and Cellular Biology and a PhD in Biomedical Engineering, both from the University of Arizona. He has over 20 years of experience in molecular biology techniques, specializing in DNA-based testing, microarray technology, PCR, data analysis, and troubleshooting. Mark provides technical support and training to PathogenDx customers and partners, ensuring the optimal performance and quality of the company’s products and services.
Maggie Thomas
Field Application Scientist – Training and Technical Support
Maggie Thomas is a skilled research scientist with a 4-year background in biochemistry and molecular techniques. Maggie has utilized PCR-based assays for diagnostic testing of plant and human specimens. At PathogenDx, Maggie is a Field Application Scientist, working closely with customers to ensure PDx equipment and protocols are correctly installed and implemented. When not actively training, Maggie is based in Louisville, KY and assists the customer support and R&D teams.
Headshot of Maggie Thomas Field Applications Scientist
Matthew McBride
Customer Service and Quality Control Lead
Matthew McBride is the Customer Service and Quality Control Lead. Matt is an experienced research scientist with a demonstrated history of utilizing multiple wet lab techniques. He is skilled in assaying analytes via protein quantification and ELISA-based arrays, PCR, data analysis, and implementing GDP/GLP practices. Matthew primarily assists in the Quality Control of all assay components, to ensure that slides, plates and reagents are functioning properly and processing Preventative Environmental Monitoring samples.
Mark Crawford
Field Application Scientist – Microbiology and Technical Support
Mark Crawford is the newest member of the customer service team. He has a background in chemistry with more than 5 years of experience in diagnostics and research. As a Technical Support Scientist, Mark works closely with customers to install, implement, and troubleshoot PDx products. When not assisting customers, Mark is based out of Tucson, AZ where he supports experiments in microbiology and customer product feasibility testing
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