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PathogenDx delivers a unique Microarray technology that dramatically reduces testing turnaround time, adds flexibility to how and what can be tested for, and increases efficiencies for labs. Our team has curated content around Cannabis, Food Safety, and Life Sciences to drive the future of safe.

  • Changing the Playing Field: How PathogenDx’s D3 Array Enables Rapid and Accurate Molecular Testing


    By Susan Evans

    What if you could create a testing environment that enhances the ability for a clinical sample, such as a bacterium responsible for an infection, to find and bind to a molecular detection probe? If you could, you would have the potential to significantly increase the testing speed, improving patient outcome and care, while also increasing the accuracy and sensitivity of the laboratory test.

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  • QuantX Bacterial: A Hierarchical Approach to Bacterial Quantification



    By Austin Rueda

    Cannabis spp. is host to many bacterial pathogens of immediate concern to public health and safety. These bacterial pathogens can be broken down into categories of specific interest such as Total Aerobic Bacteria, Bile Tolerant Gram-Negative Bacteria, Total Enterobacteriaceae, and Total Coliform Bacteria.

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  • Octa™ Autoprep Station: Manage Prep, Boost Profitability

    At PathogenDx, we never stop innovating ways to drive product safety from harmful pathogens while delivering cost-savings for labs on the front lines of regulatory testing. To separate yourself from your competition in Cannabis testing, you must offer solutions that are both highly accurate, but also operationally efficient, to create sustainable margins.

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  • Herd Mentality: Virus Co-Infections In Plants

    By Shaun Stice, PhD

    While most virus infections in plants may be of a single strain, it is possible for multiple viruses to infect the same plant. Plant virus co-infections can have severely negative outcomes for the infected plant depending on the viruses involved in the co-infection.

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  • ­­­­Why do the New COVID-19 Variants Matter?

    Covid Clade Variants

    By Rick Eggers and Dr. Mike Hogan

    A Little Variant History.

    SARS-CoV-2 is a simple virus, which presents a single protein (Spike) on its surface. Thus, Spike serves as a primary point of interaction between the virus and human cells and between the virus and the human immune system.

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  • What is Hop Latent Viroid?

    Hop Latent Viroid on Cannabis plant

    By Shaun Stice, PhD

    Cannabis growers today face a pathogen threat to their crop known as Hop Latent Viroid. What is Hop Latent Viroid and what do you need to know about the viroid causing $4 Billion in Cannabis crop losses annually?

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  • Introducing the PhytoX Assay!

    By Shaun Stice, PhD

    Today, microbial threats wipe out as much as 30% of potential Cannabis and Hemp crop yield, a risk to grows that can’t be ignored. PhytoX from PathogenDx let’s labs help growers with quicker results, and take fast action to remove infected plants before viruses spread and impact potency and growth. The easy-to-use RT-PCR microarray assay detects nine plant viruses driving Cannabis, Hemp, and other agriculture yield losses, all in a single test.

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  • PathogenDx Receives Multiple Emerald Award Certifications

    By Andrew Tognolini

    We are extremely proud to announce that, in Spring 2022, PathogenDx has once again received proficiency awards from the Emerald Test™ Advisory Panel.

    This Spring’s awards include:

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