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PDx News & Insights

PathogenDx delivers viral testing solutions for a new era dominated by the global pandemic, and is at the forefront of cannabis, and food testing. We are answering the challenge of individuals, communities and the moment itself, while monitoring the global conversation around pathogen testing to offer even more powerful solutions. Catch up on the latest news driving the future of safe.

  • PathogenDx Launches Automated Sample Prep System For Bacterial & Fungal Testing For Cannabis & Hemp

    OctaTM AutoPrep Station is compatible with all of PathogenDx’s AOAC-certified assays – DetectX Combined, QuantX Fungal and QuantX Bacterial—which have been developed to ensure the safety of Cannabis and hemp products for patients and consumers across the U.S.

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  • CEO Milan Patel Speaks with Insider: Presence of E. coli and Salmonella in Cannabis

    Our CEO Milan Patel spoke with Insider and provided some insight on the presence of Salmonella and E. coli in Cannabis, and how businesses can take preventative action. Many who get into Cannabis cultivation aren’t aware of their state’s Cannabis testing regulation requirements for things like levels of mold, pesticides, and bacteria like E. coli and salmonella.

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  • PDx Taking the Lead in Arizona Pathogen Testing Innovation

    Pathogen testing in the cannabis sector is serious business and Arizona based PDx’s bread and butter, but after success in health diagnostics, we have our eyes set on a more expanded role in the food and environmental testing sectors. Climate change is driving higher temperatures that result in a proliferation of many pathogens. It’s vital to test for these pathogens consistently and obtain quick results before eating infected food or mistakenly tossing uncontaminated products.

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  • PathogenDx Launches Updated YouTube Channel

    Video has always played a pivotal role in how we describe our solutions and communicate with our audience. With YouTube being a key avenue from which we all consume information daily, it is so important to stay engaged with people visually. If you aren’t already subscribed, please do and become part of our growing audience!

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  • PathogenDx honored by Fast Company’s 2022 World Changing Ideas Awards

    The winners of Fast Company’s 2022 World Changing Ideas Awards were announced, and PathogenDx has been honoured for work in Clinical diagnostics. DetectX-Cv has detected all major Clade Variants, providing results in four hours after receiving a positive sample from any COVID-19 test, running up to 576 samples in a single shift for a fraction of the cost of NGS Sequencing.

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  • The Need for More Stringent Cannabis Lab Testing by PathogenDx Co-Founder and CEO Milan Patel

    Patel shares insights on the current state of microbal Cannabis testing in the U.S., where we’re falling short, and how we can right the trajectory of the industry by establishing better Cannabis lab testing procedures.

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  • Talking Hedge Podcast: Cannabis Lab Testing with PathogenDx’s Milan Patel

    CEO Milan Patel PathogenDx talks the development of diagnostic solutions to address viral, bacterial and fungal infection or contamination of Cannabis. Patel digs deep into meeting Cannabis state regulations, Cannabis lab testing efficiency, hemp mold testing, hop latent virus, and preventative pathogen testing.

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  • PathogenDx Strengthens Executive Team; Announces Several New Key Leadership Appointments

    PathogenDx is pleased to announce the addition of Board Advisor Paul Glyer, Vice President of Research and Development Ralph Martel, Food & Agriculture Board Advisor Michael Drozd, PhD, and Global Director of Sales Carol Dugas.

    “These highly experienced individuals will help us navigate both strategically and tactically as we expand across the different vertical markets with our next-generation diagnostic testing technologies.” – Co-founder and CEO Milan Patel.

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  • Lit & Lucid Episode 149 – Creating Efficiency With Cannabis Pathogen Testing with Milan Patel, Co-Founder & CEO of PathogenDx

    PathogenDx Co-founder and CEO Milan Patel stopped by the Lit & Lucid Podcast to discuss the ease of testing Cannabis crops and the importance of testing in regards to consumer safety. The group spoke in lengths about the present and future of Cannabis pathogen testing technology and how PathogenDx separates itself from others on the market.

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  • BOFC Live E.396: Fast Cannabis Testing Capabilities Helping the Sector Right Now

    Co-Founder and CEO Milan Patel connects to talk about PathogenDx, the unique processes we utilize for cannabis lab and in-grow environmental testing as well as the path forward to testing in the United States.

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