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The world’s most comprehensive Cannabis testing platform.
Ultra-rapid, cost-efficient, next-gen ready.
Novel technology that helps laboratories, growers and processors optimize, streamline and grow.
Powered by its game-changing D3 Array™, PathogenDx delivers a full and unified suite of assays for Cannabis microbial testing, delivering results in a single shift without the need for enrichment.
With a choice of either automated or manual sample prep, labs gain dramatically enhanced efficiencies to reduce complexity and costs. Discover why over 100 labs nationwide partner with us.
Competitive Tech
With PathogenDx, labs gain results in a single shift, which can be up to two days faster than with competitive assays.
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Test for bacterial and fungal species together with results in a single shift. Reduce workflow and consumables waste and costs, while increasing capacity and throughput, using equipment you already have on hand.
  • Gain dual results in a single shift
  • Dramatically reduce assay steps and labor hours
  • Save 75% in lab costs
  • Increase throughput, reduce manual error

QuantX Fungal is a semi-quantitative assay for fungal species in total yeast and mold (TYM), providing results in a single shift. Results in 8 hours or less versus up to 72 hours for other tests. Semi-quantitative results:
  • TYM from 100-100,000 CFU/g
  • From 100 to 10,000* CFU/g
*AOAC PTM-certified

A semi-quantitative assay combining analysis of four broad class indicators plus species specific detection within each broad class. One test delivering semi-quantitative analysis of:
  • Total Aerobic Bacteria (<1,000 and >100,000)
  • Bile Tolerant Gram Negative Bacteria (<100 and >1,000)
  • Total Enterobacteriaceae (<100 and >1,000)
  • Total Coliforms (<100 and >1,000)

An easy-to-0use RT-PCR Microarray assay detecting Hop Latent Viroid and 8 other plant viruses in a single test—threatening cannabis, hemp and other agriculture.
  • Detect threats to yield in three hours or less
  • Sample prep reagents included with kit
  • Detect co-infections in a single test
  • Detects down to 10 transcripts per reaction
  • 9X more efficient than single-screen LAMP assay

Environmental Screening test for the presence or absence of 50+ bacterial and/or fungal pathogens as well as broad class indicators.
  • Optimized for Preventative Environmental Monitoring (PEM) quality assurance
  • Works with swab sampling and air sampling
  • Results in a single shift—no enrichment needed
Results in a Single Shift: gain efficiencies to serve clients better.
  • Faster results to enhance customer services
  • One sample prep for all AOAC-certified assays—automated or manual
  • Lower consumables costs and waste
  • No enrichment required on Cannabis testing assays
  • Dramatically reduced assay steps and labor hours
  • Lower chance of manual error
Now, PathogenDx adds the option of automated sample prep to its AOAC-certified assays! Octa™ reduces hands-on time, dramatically reduces the use of consumables through its pipette tips, and fast-forwards ROI for your Cannabis testing process.
With PathogenDx Octa™ Tips, there’s no need to change and waste pipette tips for each step of the sample prep process.
  • One automated sample prep for all of your AOAC-certified assays
  • Reduces labor costs by 88%
  • Reduces labor expenditure by one fewer technician per shift
  • Reduces hands-on time by 1 hour 18 min (96 samples)
  • Reduces plastic waste for environmental sustainability
  • Reduced & compact lab bench footprint (12x18x18)
  • Best overall return on investment for automation

Overall the Octa™ AutoPrep Stations require less hands-on preparation time, reduce daily consumables waste, and grant freedom from the bench to work on other tasks. We look forward to continuing business with PathogenDx and providing our clients with rapid and reputable results.
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state-of-art performance
DNA and RNA-based pathogen testing kits from PathogenDx are light years ahead of other microbial testing methods. In addition to being able to test for dozens of different microbials simultaneously, testing kits from PathogenDx provide:
in crop yield losses from Hop Latent Viroid.
of all crops are lost to powdery mildew, aspergillus and threats easily screened for.
different threats infect grow rooms, vents and tables driving contamination costs.
Preventive Environmental Monitoring
PathogenDx works with growers and processors to thwart threats from pathogen contamination including Hop Latent Viroid (HLv), Powdery mildew, Botrytis, Fusarium, and other common plant pathogens that threaten Cannabis crop health and yield. Talk to us about customizing monitoring that works for you.
Collect and prep samples
Onsite or through lab partner
Results in a single shift