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Test. Don’t guess.
Phytox New RT-PCR assay for stopping virus-driven Cannabis and Hemp yield losses.
“Hop Latent Viroid is perhaps the greatest threat to the legal Cannabis industry. It’s very difficult for growers to identify due to its latency and it spreads undetected within a grow, wiping out much of its commercial value.”
-Dr. Bryce Falk, Emeritus Professor
University of California, Davis
Hop Latent Viroid (HLVd)—a growing threat
Today, microbial threats wipe out as much as 30% of potential Cannabis and Hemp crop yield. Phytox from PathogenDx helps labs aid growers in testing, to then take fast action to remove infected plants before viruses spread and impact potency and growth. In as little as three hours, labs can identify the presence of nine viruses in a single test. This easy test enables you to deliver sizable value with efficiencies and cost-savings for your workflow.
Why it Matters
$4 Billion* Lost
Crop yield losses from Hop Latent Viroid.
The Multiplex advantage—test for 9 plant viruses in 1 test
Internally validated with three labs on 240 plant virus samples from 13 U.S. states and 8 countries
Detect and identify plant viral threats to yield in three hours or less*
Detect co-infections in a single test
Highly sensitive—detect as few as 10 viral transcripts per reaction
9X more efficient than single screen LAMP assay
Sample prep included with kit—save time and money
*When processing begins from receipt of samples
Size of US Cannabis & Hemp Industry
of Cannabis & Hemp crops host plant viruses.
Benefits reaching beyond Cannabis & Hemp
Legal Cannabis and Hemp production is a $10B industry in the U.S. However, viral threats could wipe out as much as 30% of the yield of every Cannabis grow and Hemp crop. Already, Hop Latent Viroid may account for an estimated $4 Billion in yield losses alone.
Phytox is here to enable labs to deliver a powerful preventative response for their clients
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