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Detection of multiple Salmonella Serotypes in a rapid, single test.

July 18, 2023


The D3 Array is expanding into the poultry industry.

Visit us at IAFP Conference Booth #621 and learn how PathogenDx is delivering Sero-specific gene detection from primary enrichment—with the lowest cost per sample compared to sequence- and antisera-based serotyping methods.

PathogenDx, innovators of the D3(Dynamic Dimensional Detection) Array technology, now supports poultry producers with rapid detection of more than a dozen salmonella serotypes in a single test—with results in a single shift. supporting your efforts to control pathogen spread and eliminate costly outbreaks.

PathogenDx’s New Rapid, Single Test Detects Salmonella and 13 Serotypes in Poultry as Foodborne Illness Remains a Significant Threat to Public Health in the US

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