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Lab Manager Article: The promise of the PathogenDx D3 Array™

April 27, 2023


The D3 Array is expanding into the clinical and agricultural spaces, providing low-cost multiplex testing.

It started over 200 years ago with a petri dish … and a long, long wait. Today, innovation has propelled detection and quantitation of pathogens and viruses to new levels of speed, sensitivity and specificity, and cost efficiencies. Yet modern best practices still leave a lot of room for improvement—something the D3 Array from PathogenDx is seeking to fulfill.

Where qPCR and NGS can fall short, the D3 Array™ from PathogenDx can pick up the slack by addressing challenges in performance, throughput, and cost with regards to multiplex testing. Recently, our technology was featured in a Lab Manager Magazine—read their take on the hard work that’s going on today in our labs at the link below.

See Ian Black’s article in Lab Manager here.

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