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Switch to PathogenDx testing, gain better customer service, and save 25% off your imager for a limited time!
As one lab testing partner exits Cannabis, PathogenDx has taken its class-leading D3 array platform to new levels to support labs. PathogenDx offers you the option of automated or manual sample prep along with a full suite of your key assays that are AOAC Certified. Talk with us about customizing a solution that fits your lab’s requirements specifically.
  • Automated Octa™ AutoPrep Station sample prep or manual process
  • Multiplex testing of all organisms in a single reaction
  • Eliminate enrichment
  • Re-use qPCR equipment for improved amplification
  • Gain results in 6.5 hours!
  • Reduce consumables costs dramatically
  • For a LIMITED TIME, save 25% off your PDx imager*
*Expires 6/30/2023. Call for details.
If time is money, discover your new savings driver.
Improve your turnaround time from 2 days to 6 hours with the same instrument. No new sunk cost required.
Octa™ AutoPrep Station
“Overall the OctaTM AutoPrep Stations require less hands-on preparation time, reduce daily consumables waste, and grant freedom from the bench to work on other tasks. We look forward to continuing business with PathogenDx and providing our clients with rapid and reputable results.”
– Higher Testing
Added Speed & Ease
Octa™ AutoPrep Station reduces hands-on time, dramatically reduces the use of consumables through novel pipette tips, and fast-forwards ROI for your Cannabis testing process. Manual sample prep process with reagents optimized to prepare once and reuse available.
Octa™ Benefits
  • Reduces labor costs by 80%
  • Reduces labor expenditure by one fewer technician per shift
  • Reduces hands-on time by 1 hour 18 min (96 samples)
  • Reduces plastic waste for environmental sustainability
  • Compact lab bench footprint (12x18x18)
Unleash Sample Throughput.
Run five times as many samples on a 96-well plate, at half the consumables cost per sample while needing less labor.
Every run uses a single well to five needed for qPCR.
Advantage Spotlight: Reagents + Consumables
Salmonella, Stec. E. coli, aspergillus species
Cost per sample for sample prep consumables (96 samples):
Our unique technology bakes efficiencies into your lab workflow. You can test for multiple organisms in a single well, and in a single assay, reducing the usage of consumables and reagents. The savings can really add up.
SAVE 25%
on your SensoSpot Microarray Analyzer when you switch now*
*Expires 6/30/2023. Call for details.
Speak with a PathogenDx transition officer about this offer.