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With the Cannabis and agriculture industry increasingly competitive for labs, growers and processors, new innovation and improved practices can be the difference in delivering ROI and outlasting competitors. PathogenDx delivers a unique Microarray technology that dramatically reduces testing turnaround time, adds flexibility to how and what can be tested for, and increases efficiencies for a cleaner Cannabis future. Here are the issues Cannabis faces now, with insights to help us all compete and win.

  • At least 28 Mississippi cities have opted out of medical marijuana, but the state is not keeping track

    28 cities and a dozen counties completely opted out of Mississippi’s long-awaited medical marijuana program by the May 3 deadline, but the state’s health department is creating legal confusion by not keeping an official list of municipalities restricting Cannabis businesses. The Mississippi Cannabis Trade Association, a business and advocate group, has put together the most complete list showing that areas have opted out of the program.

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  • Cannabis Testing Regulations Are Complex, Differing From State to State

    Unlike food and other products there is no federal standard, and Cannabis lab testing is done by private entities. One is Belcosta Labs in southern California, which is looking to operate in New Jersey. Like New Jersey, California Cannabis regulations require products be tested for potency, for pesticides and for the presence of various microbials and mycotoxins, those that come from a fungus.

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  • Study Shows Most CBD Cannabis Sleep Aids Are Mislabelled

    A newly released study shows that after going through Cannabis lab testing, the majority of CBD sleep products are mislabelled. Nearly 60% of CBD Cannabis sleep aid products show incorrect levels of active ingredients on their packaging, showing a need for more stringent Cannabis testing regulations.

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  • How Fraud Runs Rampant in the Cannabis Testing Market

    Until Cannabis is federally legalized and given oversight, fraud in the laboratory setting is a persistent issue, as a result of limited Cannabis lab testing state requirements for pathogens such as aspergillus, bacteria, and many others. How regulation protects the American consumer is up to the work of the industry. At PathogenDx, we continue to prioritize accurate and flexible Cannabis testing for the industry.

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  • Standards organizations look to create uniform cannabis testing methods

    Quality control and standardized state regulations will be critical to sustaining Cannabis industry growth and winning over the institutions that have yet to embrace a regulated marijuana industry. Many states currently require laboratories to use a published AOAC certification method.

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  • Mississippi Health department releases proposed regulations for medical marijuana program

    All Cannabis testing lab operations must be physically located within the state of Mississippi. The rules would also prohibit any medical marijuana advertising or marketing in any kind of media; no TV, radio, social, print, signs and billboards.

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  • Top Federal Drug Agency Funds Research On Differing Legal Marijuana Regulatory Models

    The National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA) is renewing its push to promote federally funded research into marijuana as more states enact reform—specifically expressing interest in studies on differing cannabis regulatory models that are in place across the country. NIDA’s notice is meant to “encourage grant applications on the effects of changing cannabis laws and policies in the US and globally on public health,” it said.

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  • Washington to Require Pesticide Testing for Cannabis Product

    Washington state regulators will finally require pesticide testing of adult-use cannabis products, which nearly all other markets with legal marijuana programs already require. The state already tests medical marijuana products for pesticides.

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  • Mississippi Medical Marijuana Licensing Set to Start by June

    Days after Mississippi became the 37th state to legalize medical marijuana, the state Health Department said that by June, it plans to start accepting applications online for licenses for patients, medical practitioners, cannabis cultivation facilities and others. Because of the time needed to establish the licensing system, the first dispensaries are months from being open.

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  • Oklahoma Marijuana Failing Inspections at Astronomical Rates

    Even as the state of Oklahoma rushes to pass strong laws, a majority of the marijuana coming to them from growers fails to meet industry standards due to high levels of pesticides, heavy metals and other dangerous chemicals. According to the state, between 75 and 90 percent of cannabis failed lab tests.

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