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With the Cannabis and agriculture industry increasingly competitive for labs, growers and processors, new innovation and improved practices can be the difference in delivering ROI and outlasting competitors. PathogenDx delivers a unique Microarray technology that dramatically reduces testing turnaround time, adds flexibility to how and what can be tested for, and increases efficiencies for a cleaner Cannabis future. Here are the issues Cannabis faces now, with insights to help us all compete and win.

  • State of Connecticut Makes Decision Microbial Testing Regulations

    Even with only two cannabis testing labs in Connecticut, neither could agree on allowable levels of yeast and mold. Learn how the state stepped in to satisfy the public outcry over statewide cannabis testing inconsistencies.

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  • ‘Battle royale’: Cannabis regulation bills pit regulatory agency against some marijuana businesses

    The Washington Liquor and Cannabis Board has requested a change in the law that would explicitly permit it to prohibit the sale of intoxicating materials derived from hemp. The request comes after it was discovered that some of the state’s retailers were selling products including delta-8 THC.

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  • California rolls out plans to standardize cannabis testing statewide

    The State of California deserves applause for taking it one step further in standardizing testing for the Cannabis sector. The state’s efforts aim to standardize cannabis testing and eliminate inconsistencies between the state’s marijuana labs.

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  • More than clones: What cannabis growers need to know about tissue culture

    Pathogens including viroids, phytoplasma, fungus and bacteria can severely diminish plants vigor or kill them outright. Tissue-culture storage helps protect plants that are healthy and disease-free by archiving them in tissue culture labs under sterile conditions.

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  • How marijuana retailers are prepping – or not – for the omicron coronavirus variant

    Now that the omicron variant of COVID-19 has found its way into the United States, marijuana businesses – particularly retailers – are contemplating how the shifting pandemic situation might affect their daily operations.

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  • Hop Latent Viroid: A plant pandemic?

    Hop latent viroid isn’t new, but it’s creating fresh headaches for growing operations across the country as the cannabis industry grows. While the disease is not harmful towards humans, it is significantly costly to growers if their operation experiences an outbreak. Follow the latest update on addressing this pressing pathogen challenge..

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  • FDA And CDC Issue Warnings On Delta-8 THC Products Derived From Hemp

    The FDA and CDC have taken notice of the growing availability and demand for delta-8 THC, which is being sold in states regardless of whether they’ve legalized marijuana. And the agencies say they’re seeing a significant uptick in reported adverse health effects from people who are using it.

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  • Luxembourg to become first country in Europe to legalize cannabis

    Under the new legislation, adults over 18 in Luxembourg will be allowed to use cannabis, and to grow up to four plants per household. This makes Luxembourg, the first country in Europe to fully legalize the production and consumption of the drug. Will this development lead to a wider acceptance across Europe?

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  • Ways That Cannabis Buds Are Ruined by Mold

    Fungal pathogens are responsible for more than 85% of all plant diseases. To protect the beauty of cannabis plants and ensure a bountiful harvest, growers must protect their grow room using savvy gardening and strict sanitation practices.

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