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Hospitality Industry

With hotels, conferences, cruise lines, restaurants and casinos adapting business models in the era of COVID-19, the stakes couldn’t be higher right now. Discover the latest trends from the front lines of business and learn how PathogenDx environmental monitoring for the SARS-CoV-2 virus, and pooled surveillance testing, can help hospitality industries return to health.

  • Hawaii, Tourists, and Complex COVID Testing

    Hawaii wants tourists. Tourists want Hawaii. But the rules are complicated. Hawaii has been requiring surveillance testing for those coming in to the islands from abroad. Now, however, traveling between the islands requires an additional test in most cases. More here »

  • Possible Mandate: COVID-19 testing for domestic air travel

    According to a senior Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) official, the agency is actively looking into a surveillance requirement for domestic flights in addition to the existing international mandate.
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  • COVID-19 Test Requirement Begins – are travelers (and airlines) ready?

    New COVID-19 test requirement for international flights to the US begins with travelers on international flights to the United States. The CDC recently announced the new requirement for COIVD-19 surveillance.
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  • Cruise Lines Are Looking for Volunteers to Sail On Mock Voyages to Test COVID-19 Safety Protocol

    In order to be better equipped for COVID-Free cruising in a post-pandemic or coping-with-pandemic world, the CDC has mandated cruise lines have test runs with volunteers. Read full article »

  • Cruises from the U.S. can begin sailing again — but be ready for shorter voyages, multiple COVID tests and no more buffets

    The CDC has announced they will not extend the full no-sail order beyond November. As cruises resume in several months, however, guests can expect a significant departure from previous policies while aboard the ship.More here »

  • Tourism stocks soar with COVID-19 vaccine announcement

    Increased testing with shorter turn around times coupled with promising news about a vaccine has investors easing what have been plummeting stocks.Read more here »

  • Hotels fall short of assuring cleanliness for customers staying during the pandemic

    Despite assurances from the American Hotel and Lodging Association that “Hotels are cleaner than they’ve ever seen before,” hotel guests are skeptical the industry is holding up their end of the bargain. Read more »

  • Are there differences in COVID-19 protocols in budget, midrange, and luxury hotels?

    A Washington Post reporter visited a sample across the entire spectrum of hotel chains to see wha the similarities and differences were both in protocol and perceived safety. From personal PPE kits to Bibles removed from nightstands, the results were surprising. Read full article »

  • Some hotels are going above and beyond – offering doctors on demand and more

    While there have been reports of sub-par cleaning and sanitation protocols, a few hotels are going above and beyond to ensure guest safety. Resorts eager to gain guests’ trust have offered on site PCR testing, dedicated medical staff, and complementary virtual doctor visits. More here »

  • What does a hotel stay really look like during the pandemic?

    A comparison of COVID-19 mitigation measures at three hotel chains gives a peak into what pandemic travel feels like. Evaluated are both hotel protocols and also adherence. More here »