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Schools & Education

This Fall has demonstrated the complexity education faces in the COVID-19 era. Widespread individual testing includes a prohibitively high cost barrier, leaving educators and administrators seeking inventive solutions—even as flu season approaches and potentially a second wave of SARS-CoV-2. Monitor the conversation that is helping us provide solutions to education.

  • COVID-19 surveillance testing: Valley districts tracking virus in schools through new testing practice

    Utilizing drive through windows and a less-invasive mid-nasal swab, Fresno county schools are able to surveille the staff and students to keep transmission rates down. More details »

  • Lehigh Valley boosting COVID-19 Testing

    Lehigh Valley colleges and universities boosting COVID testing efforts in spring semester understanding that symptom based monitoring alone is not sufficient. More details »

  • Atlanta Public Schools Begin COVID-19 Surveillance Testing

    Atlanta Public Schools to begin COVID-19 surveillance testing.In order to better identify asymptomatic students and staff who may pose a threat to the broader community, APS will launch a surveillance program. Read more here »

  • Delaware shatters COVID-19 case record, Carney stresses schools should remain hybrid

    On the heels of Delaware having their highest COVID-19 case count increase, school districts are reevaluating in-person learning. Capital School District has chosen to go fully remote until January 1, but the restart will be based on more comprehensive surveillance dashboard data.

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  • New COVID-19 study in Missouri schools unlike any other in the country

    The CDC, Department of Health and Senior Services, and Washington University in St Louis, Missouri have launched a comprehensive study to better understand transmission of COVID-19 in schools. The study will combine virus surveillance and mitigation strategy evaluation, as well as provide schools with resources for contact tracing.

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  • Washington state shares little data about public schools and COVID-19 spread

    Reported numbers show only 110 of the Washington state total of over 150,000 COVID-19 cases are associated with schools. However, a lack of surveillance and codified reporting structure lead some to question if data should be viewed as flawed or reassuring.

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  • Crush the Curve Idaho works with 20 Idaho school districts, provides testing materials

    Innovative thinking has allowed Idaho to be proactive vs. reactive to COVID-19 cases in schools. Nurses have been trained to administer surveillance testing to help better identify threats and mitigate transmission before outbreaks begin. More details here »

  • Innovative tools bolster Stanford’s COVID-19 surveillance testing program

    Stanford deploys an arsenal of tools to combat COVID-19, with a central hub that gives community members an accurate portrayal of disease prevalence on campus. Results of surveillance testing are published via Health Check, which can be accessed at “personal and managerial levels, but also for policymakers.” Read more here »

  • Surveillance testing allows for first LA County schools to reopen

    Almost 2,000 children had their first in-person day at school, 55 days later than the scheduled start of fall semester. The children returned largely thanks to increased testing, social distancing, and a removal of shared utensils. More here »

  • Coronavirus outbreaks reported at 161 Michigan K-12 schools and 31 colleges in Nov. 9 report

    After school programs, colleges campuses fuel the more than 10,000 cases in Michigan schools. Last week alone, the state reported more than 6,000 cases in schools.Read full article »