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Topics Driving Testing
Breakthroughs can come through the conversation around pathogen testing. Below we share stories that those responsible for public health and product safety can turn to for insights.
  • PDx Blog

    PathogenDx delivers a unique Microarray technology that dramatically reduces testing turnaround time, adds flexibility to how and what can be tested for, and increases efficiencies for labs. Our team has curated content around Cannabis, Food Safety, and Life Sciences to drive the future of safe.

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  • Food Safety

    Even with COVID-19 dominating the headlines, Food Safety depends upon rapid, reliable detection of bacterial pathogens. With recalls costing the Food industry $100M per year or more, PathogenDx has rapidly adapted AOAC-Certified technology to speed up the clock on certainty and reliability to thwart Salmonella, Listeria and L. mono. Here’s a sampling of the issues driving our innovation.

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  • PDx News & Insights

    PathogenDx delivers viral testing solutions for a new era dominated by the global pandemic, and is at the forefront of cannabis, and food testing. We are answering the challenge of individuals, communities and the moment itself, while monitoring the global conversation around pathogen testing to offer even more powerful solutions. Catch up on the latest news driving the future of safe.

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  • Pooled SARS-CoV-2 Surveillance

    All too often in the conversation COVID-19 testing, two factors are lost: Pragmatism and Cost. Our Microarray platform can deliver highly effective Pooled Surveillance that can provide an early warning among groups at a dramatically lower cost than individual testing. The world is coming around to our way of thinking. Explore this promising area in the fight against the pandemic.

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  • Schools & Education

    This Fall has demonstrated the complexity education faces in the COVID-19 era. Widespread individual testing includes a prohibitively high cost barrier, leaving educators and administrators seeking inventive solutions—even as flu season approaches and potentially a second wave of SARS-CoV-2. Monitor the conversation that is helping us provide solutions to education.

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  • Hospitality Industry

    With hotels, conferences, cruise lines, restaurants and casinos adapting business models in the era of COVID-19, the stakes couldn’t be higher right now. Discover the latest trends from the front lines of business and learn how PathogenDx environmental monitoring for the SARS-CoV-2 virus, and pooled surveillance testing, can help hospitality industries return to health.

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